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Sophon is one of the main characters on Netflix's Three Body Problem.


Sophon is an AI robot developed by the Trisolarans to be their voice on Earth and communicate with humanity. She is controlled by the Sophons sent to Earth by Trisolaris. Sophon serves as the Trisolaran ambassador on Earth. She appears in Death's End and is introduced to Cheng Xin there, appearing to her to be the most beautiful woman she has ever met. Sophon dresses and lives in a Japanese fashion and serves Cheng Xin a beautiful tea ceremony, of which she diligently performs.

Once the Deterrence Era ended Sophon's appearance changes to that of her wearing military fatigues. She acts in the form of a dictator now. Forcing and directing the plans for all of humanity to live on Australia. Once the plan was enacted, she destroys all electrical facilities in Australia, removing humanity's ability to feed the 4.5 billion people living in the continent. Chaos ensues when world leaders say they will no longer be able to feed each their people, she looks at them and says they are all food. She predicts once humanity has finished killing each other, there will be approximately 200 million people left. Despite this sentence for most of humanity, Sophon directs Earth Security Forces to save Cheng Xin and take her to a safe place by helicopter. Cheng Xin refuses though and asks her to save her friends AA and Fraisse.


Sophon is described as an avatar in the VR game.[1]

Throughout the Series[]

In Red Coast, Jin Cheng shows Jack Rooney the helmet that Ye Wenjie gave her, she explains how everything in that world feels indistinguishable from reality. Jack puts it on, and is transported to the world, and is weirded out when he tests the sand, and it feels very much real. However, before he can proceed any further, a woman appears and slashes him with a sword as she says that he wasn't invited. Despite Jin trying her best to save Follower in the game, she is frozen solid, and crumbles to pieces. Afterwards, the same woman who slashed Jack with a sword, explains to Jin that Civilization Number 137 was obliterated by an extreme cold event. But even though she did not save the people, she managed to establish the superiority of science over mysticism. The woman continues by stating how in level two, Jin must now use science to save the next civilization.

In Destroyer of Worlds, Auggie Salazar finds herself in Jack’s room, and comes across the mysterious helmet Jack was gifted. She puts on, but much like when Jack put on Jin’s helmet, the same woman from before slashes her and tells her that she was not invited. Frightened, she rushes downstairs asking Jack what the helmet is, and eventually Jin and Jack admit to playing the game. Later, both of the friends find themselves within level three now. She reunites with Follower, who tells her that she is running out of chances to save the world, and soon the world will end for good. In the end, Jin realizes that the point of the game is not to solve the three body problem, but rather, to succeed in saving the people and helping them survive. To which Jack remarks that it is impossible for anything to survive on this planet with three suns. Eventually, the mysterious entity from before comes down from the sky. She tells the two that Civilization number 184 was destroyed by the stacked gravitational attractions of a tri-solar syzygy. However, in this civilization, Jack and Jin have correctly determined the true purpose of the game. As a result, they have now moved onto level four.

In Judgment Day, both Jin and Thomas Wade end up putting on the helmets to see what it is the San-Ti are trying to show them. When Wade meets Sophon, he asks her why she brought them here. Which she reveals is that it is to inform him that the San-Ti are doomed. The reason being that their fleet will take four hundred years to arrive on Earth. But human beings have existed on Earth for over a 100,00 years. For most of that time humans were not so different from apes. But to discover agriculture, it took humans 90,000 years to effectively go from hunter-gatherers to farmers. Then to become industrialists, it was about 10,000 years. Followed by obtaining atomic power in two hundred years, and more recently to get to computers and the information age it was fifty years. Whereas the San-Ti, it took them much longer to get to those historical achievements. At the end of the day, Earth is stable, and their catastrophes aren’t really catastrophes when compared to the San-Ti’s planet which consist of stable eras and chaotic eras. The humans never had to start over but the San-Ti did; many times over. However, in order for the San-Ti to win, they are killing the human’s science, in order to stop them from moving forward. This Sophon reveals that the San-Ti used all their resources to make four sophons. Two pairs of two; with the pairs being intrinsically entangled. Each connected on the quantum level. Two remain with them, and the other two are used to hearing and seeing everything, and their main goal is to get rid of the human’s science and make humans afraid again.


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